ATLEF 3 and Abertay Attributes TLE Seminar recordings

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The recordings from yesterday’s TLE Seminar which covered ATLEF 3 and Abertay Attributes and now available to watch on our YouTube channel. Please note the last hour of the seminar which covered employability was not recorded but slides will be available soon.

The ATLEF 3 video is under 12 minutes long and covers the purpose of ATLEF, what funding is available, the focus of ATLEF 3 and future calls which will be coming in October 2015.

The Abertay Attributes video is approx 34 minutes long with input from Dr Alastair Robertson, Billy Yuksel and Rosemary Allford. After a brief overview, staff discussed in their groups the impact of Abertay Attributes at the personal, institutional and beyond levels (see image below), creating a poster as their output.

impact statement for Abertay Attributes



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