Cats Vs Dogs

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It’s day two of the Association of Learning Technology (ALT) Online Winter Conference which is attracting people from all over the world to “ensure that use of learning technology is effective and efficient, informed by research and practice.” Highlights from yesterday included: Online Patient Stories to Educate Healthcare Professionals, The Mooc survey: Key results so far:Visualised, and To badge or not to badge? More about these in another post.

Today will see webinars and tweechats on Open bages 101, Social Media Data in Learning Practice and Research,  Gaming the Conference and our ex TELS colleague Alice La Rooy will be hosting a tweetchat between 12pm-12:30-pm on Choosing technology tools for assessment using the hashtag #altchat.  A Tweetchat session (10:30am-11am) by James Clay titled “I don’t have a dog” caught my eye. His blog post tells an all too familiar story of how staff don’t have the time to embed digital technology around the analogy of why he doesn’t have a dog. If we see something as a priority we tend to make the time for it, but who is setting the priorities? I encourage you to read his blog post even if you are a cat owner.

Just for the record, I do have dog:-)





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