TLE Seminar: Technology Enhanced Learning

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It was another packed out TLE Seminar this month. The focus was on technology enhanced learning, with staff receiving a brief overview from Dr Alastair Robertson before the four TELS sub groups gave their updates on progress made so far:

Learning Spaces

Ken Scott-Brown informed colleagues about the scope of the Learning Spaces project and how staff can have their say about the teaching and learning spaces around the campus at the next TLE Seminar in March, this includes screen casting rooms for creating and editing videos.

Learning Analytics

In the absence of Moriamo Oduyemi, project lead for the learning analytics group, I notified staff that Abertay were taking part in the JISC Learning Analytics Discovery Engagement Service to determine our readiness for learning analytics. This involved staff and students taking part in a series of interviews and workshops. The final report should be available by the end of March.

E-Portfolio & Open Badges:

Carol Maxwell used PebblePad to explain the work of the E-Portfolio group, highlighting that a resource will be available on the portal showcasing how Abertay staff are using PebblePad with their students. Carol also talked about the use of Open Badges for co-curricular activities and the student HEAR.

Blended Learning:

The final update from the TELS sub group came from Carol Maxwell, who informed staff about the initial workshops that helped the Blended Learning group develop a series of recommendations including the need for online courses to have an induction week and for course design to be a collaborative process between course teams and support teams.

ATLEF (round 4)

Dr Alastair Robertson and Dr Julie Blackwell-Young launched ATLEF 4. Two strands: Student led projects and Online learning (starts from 22 minutes).

World cafe discussions

Before moving into a world café format for the second half of the seminar, I gave a brief update on the lecture capture pilot that twenty three staff members have participated in since September 2015. We then logged into Dr Siobhan MacAndrew’s lecture via Adobe Connect. Siobhan uses Adobe Connect in her lectures to provide her students with the opportunity to review lecture material and have the flexibility of interacting remotely. A couple of students explained why they liked having the ability to interact remotely during their lecture.

Discussions focussed around copyright training for staff, guidelines for staff and students (these will be covered in the lecture capture policy), consent forms, video editing (we plan to create recording booths across the campus for staff to use for creating and editing videos).

A big thank you to Ken Swinton, Dr Anne Savage, Suzanne Croy, Scott Kane and my TLE colleagues for facilitating the discussions around video for learning.

If you missed the TLE Seminar on Technology Enhanced Learning that took place on the 3rd February, you can catch up with the recording by following the link below:

TLE Seminar – Technology Enhanced Learning (video)

Next Lecture Capture workshop Friday 19th February (limited places available)






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