Student surveys- why bother?

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This week Abertay is gathering student feedback on their learning and teaching experiences in the form of a mid term online module survey and an obvious question for students might be- why bother? The answer is very simple- we wish to make sure that we provide you with the highest quality education that we can and your feedback is very helpful in identifying strengths and areas for development in our current provision. The information which we gather (quantitative and qualitative comments) is analysed centrally and then passed on to the Schools for their consideration. This data is used by staff e.g. the module leader to identify actions which can be taken to address points raised by their students. The more students who take time to complete the survey the better as this helps identify areas of commonality and helps us prioritise actions.

We take the student voice seriously and have made changes to University policies based on feedback e.g. the assessment policy has recently been clarified with regard to feedback turnaround times. Of course, students can feedback to staff and the University in many other ways e.g. in class, email, Blackboard discussion forums, formal committee structures etc and we are looking at other ways that we can promote engagement as this is a two way process.

If you have already responded to the current module survey- thank you and, if not, please do take a few minutes, it is much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Alastair Robertson,

Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement


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