Reflections on ELIR & NSS 2016

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So 2015/16 was another busy and successful year in Abertay.  In the spring we had the two visits from a team of reviewers as part of our Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR) where we achieved the highest rating possible as outlined in the report released last week.  Our report is available on the QAA website but it is worth noting the points of good practice that the review team identified:

  • Our open and responsive culture
  • How we work in partnership with the student body
  • The establishment of and the work by Support Enquiry Zone (SEZ)
  • How we support students entering Abertay from our partner colleges
  • The establishment of the Graduate School and the support it offers to students and staff
  • How Abertay Attributes are embedded in our curricula and linked to strategic priorities
  • The work of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement team in supporting staff and providing enhancement-led leadership
  • How we manage assessment including the electronic management of assessment and the promotion of good practice
  • The work on ‘Baselining the Student Journey’ as a model of systematic, self-critical analysis

These points of good practice highlight the excellent work done at Abertay by professional and academic staff in all areas of the university.  Of course, there were elements of practice for us to develop indicated as well and over the next few months we will develop an action plan to cover these.

Last week, the NSS 2016 results were also released with more good news for Abertay.  Our final year undergraduate students rated us on a number of areas such as teaching and learning, resources, personal development and also gave an overall satisfaction score.  This year our overall satisfaction score was 88%, up 2% from last year (see the Abertay website for more details).  We also increased our score in the areas of teaching (3%), assessment and feedback (5%), academic support (1%), organisation and management (1%), and learning resources (3%).  These student satisfaction scores reflect the good practice that the ELIR reviewers saw at Abertay and show that those within and outwith Abertay have recognised the excellent work being done here.

Next year we will have the implementation of the new curricula with new programme structures and 20-credit modules and we will also be running the full suite of electives for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 students.  This summer also saw the accelerated degrees teaching over the summer using the new modules.  These initiatives present their own challenges to staff and students alike but we go into 2016/17 from a position of strength thanks to all the work of our staff and students over the past few years.


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