Are your students doing Groupwork? Book the Collaborative Learning Suite

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Counselling students were hard at work last week  creating their group presentation collaboratively and putting the writable walls to good use – yes it did wipe off ok!

Although the deadline to submit Term 2 timetable requests  was the 30th of September, Aneta Pitera from Timetables has said that if you want to use 3508 for groupwork please let her know as soon as possible.  The room capacity is 34 with 6 tables. (1 table takes 4 students, the others take 6).  Students need to bring along their own device; if students want to work on a shared document one of the devices within the group should be a laptop or a Mac Book.

Aneta will need to know:
– which module you would like to use the room for
– which weeks specifically
– is it for a practical or tutorial?

Best use can be made of the room if your students need to create a piece of work together.  The main table screen can display 4 student devices at one time, or different student devices in turn.  Table displays can be shown on all student tables if each group wants to present their work to the room in turn.   If you would like a preview of the room’s features before booking it for your students’ collaborative work please contact Carol Maxwell   Ext 8892

Before using the room you must request a training session by logging a call with the IS Service Desk (




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