Silicon Wullie sets the tone for Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum

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The other week Fiona Caldwell and I headed off to the bright and shiny new UHI campus for the last of our Strategic Enhancement HEA Partnership meetings to present to the 5 other successful project bidders what our Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum (EEDC)pilot will look like. The hilarity generated in the taxi after a faux pas involving Silicon Wullie set the warm and collegiate tone for the day. We learned about the range of creative conversations and Festival of Fairness planned for the Conservatoire; how Stirling plan to embed EEDC sessions using poetry into their PGCert Teaching certificate for new lecturers. UHI are planning an inclusive assessment and feedback strategy as well as supporting new lecturers to publish their pedagogic projects; Napier are piloting the SEED North American intervention which Sheffield are currently using; and RGU are conducting staff self-evaluations of learning materials.

And what has Abertay got planned? Our pilot is based on developing 4Cs which we see as pillars to EEDC – Capacity, Confidence, Capability and Competence. How are we going to do this? A bank of resources will be created on NetTLE and we will be running a series of workshops to complement HR online training sessions. So please be alert to upcoming events.

A copy of our presentation is available here: eedc-sep-abertay-final-meeting

Resources that HEA Scotland have compiled to date can be found

Andrea Cameron

Head of School of Social & Health Sciences



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