Electronic Management of Assessment – Equipment Roadshow

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The Electronic Management of Assessment Steering Group would like feedback from staff regarding how they are finding online marking and feedback,  whether they need more support and if they have found that they need additional equipment to make the process more efficient.

TELS are planning to demonstrate the following equipment when using online grading and feedback technologies.  Our Health and Safety Officer and Occupational Health Advisor will also attend to advise staff on correct posture when working with mobile devices.

  • 1 PC with two screens
  • 1 laptop connected to a full size screen with separate keyboard and mouse
  • iPad with Turnitin App

There are 4 dates planned in different areas of the university.   Each event will be held between 11:30am and 2:30pm .  Staff can attend the session most convenient to them.

  • AMG – 30th January – Admin Area in White Space.
  • SHS – 5th February – Room 5531
  • DBS – 12th February – Room 3010
  • SET – 13th February –  SET  Social Space, SET office, level 4

Staff will be asked to complete a questionnaire to find out how they feel about their experiences so far, support needs and additional equipment requirements.

We look forward to seeing you there.